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Hi there! Are you looking for work in Gothenburg’s growing tech industry? Or do you represent a business looking for skilled developers? Codic Consulting is a small and trusted agency in central Gothenburg. We have the IT knowledge and local contacts to help you find your way forward.


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What is it like working at a friendly startup in Gothenburg? Find out now.


Do you need help from a skilled IT professional? Our consultants are available for interim projects in Gothenburg and the surrounding area.


We are hosting a podcast about the tech industry in Gothenburg. Produced by the founder of Codic, Henrik Enström.


Why Codic?

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Aided by the recruitment veterans Software Skills, we find curious and motivated IT professionals for interim projects in Gothenburg. After seven years in the industry, Software Skills have recruited more than 150 software engineers and have a large network of skilled developers, testers, designers, project managers, scrum masters and business analysts up their sleeve - a much-needed recourse on today’s competitive market.

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Online code tests and IT expertise

Codic Consulting was founded by an engineer, hence technology is at the core of our company. We know the skills required and how they should be evaluated and applied. To verify the competence of our consultants, we use programming tests to screen candidates ahead of hire. The tests also ensure objectivity, regardless of educational background or previous experience.


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